Although the origin of our recipes is hundreds of kilometers away, all the products we use are local, with the exception of tahini and our spices, which come directly from the Middle East.  The true protagonists of our dishes are foods as basic as the aubergine, tomato, cauliflower or onion that we buy in the Central Market.

Family recipes

Do you want to know why we are called Kukla?  That’s what Ronen’s grandfather called his wife.  In Greek it means doll and it is an affectionate way of referring to someone.  All Kukla recipes are family heirlooms, they are tradition combined with the youth and innovation of the team, which gives them a fresher air.


 We want you to feel at home when you enter Kukla, as a family.  The interior design, the team and the recipes are our way of inviting you to relax.  And as in any house, the recipes are completely homemade.  Everything you will find in our dishes has been prepared by us in the kitchen.  From the sauces to the falafel, going through all our desserts.

Our Bread

 Don’t you just love dipping bread and *mopping* up every last drop?  U.S. too.  That is why bread is one of the star ingredients in our restaurant.  Every morning from The Baker oven, specialists in breads from the Middle East, they bring us freshly baked breads.  And if you prefer, we have gluten-free options.  By the way, our pita bread is vegan e.


 If you want to bring the taste of Kukla to your home, you have a series of products in our store that you can buy to recreate our flavours.  Frozen falafel, spices such as zaatar or sumac, our breads, tahini sauce or Amba, our mango sauce.  Take a look and fill your kitchen with the scents of Kukla!